What Will the Proposed RDU Perimeter Fence Look Like?

You’ve probably heard that RDU is looking at options for building a perimeter fence to enhance security and keep trespassers off airport property. You may have even heard that the perimeter fence would alter the natural landscape at the border of Umstead State Park. Those speculations about how the fence would look are wrong, and we’ll show you why.

As you can see from the diagram, the fence would be built behind a ten-foot existing natural buffer of trees and vegetation that would separate it from the property adjacent to the airport, including Umstead State Park. The fencing layout has always included that natural buffer as a setback from the airport’s boundary.

The airport’s perimeter fencing will not disrupt the landscape of Umstead State Park and RDU will work with N.C. State Parks to ensure access to the park and its trails is preserved. The fence will also meet all environmental regulatory requirements.

The proposed perimeter fence along RDU’s eastern border is the first section of a multi-phased, multi-year project to secure all airport property. The land protected by the fence is controlled by the RDU Airport Authority, with 151 acres still available for lease to a third party for mountain biking.

To learn more, check out a video on RDU’s proposed perimeter fence.