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ParkRDU Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about parking at RDU. For a longer list of frequently asked questions regarding ParkRDU, download our ParkRDU FAQ document. For answers to other questions about RDU, visit our main Frequently Asked Questions page.

What is ParkRDU?

ParkRDU is the parking program at Raleigh-Durham International Airport. Our facilities provide you with easy, convenient parking options depending on the experience you want. Learn more.

What are ParkRDU Premier, ParkRDU Central and ParkRDU Economy?

  • ParkRDU Premier features 1,000 parking spaces on the first level of the parking garage, for those wanting the ultimate ease and convenience.
  • ParkRDU Central features more than 10,000 spaces within walking distance of the terminals and replaces what was known as hourly and daily parking.
  • ParkRDU Economy is the new name for RDU’s Park and Ride Lots. These on-airport lots feature covered shelters, convenient shuttles and every day savings.

What are the rates?

  • ParkRDU Premier (located on the first level of the garage between the terminals) is $3/hour for the first four hours with a daily maximum rate of $18.
  • ParkRDU Central (main garage between the terminals, with the exception of the Premier area) is $2/hour for the first four hours with a daily maximum rate of $14.
  • ParkRDU Economy 3 (formerly Park and Ride 3, Purple) is $1/hour for the first four hours with a daily maximum rate of $7.
  • ParkRDU Economy 4 (formerly Park and Ride 4, Orange is $1/hour for the first four hours with a daily maximum rate of $6.

How have the rates changed?

Some rates are higher, some are lower and some will stay the same. Gate entry rates are reviewed once a year (in the Spring).

Below is a side-by-side comparison of our rate changes:

ParkRDU Premier Area 
Former Terminal 1 Hourly SectionParkRDU Premier
$1/Hour (up to 6 hours), $24/Day$3/Hour (up to 4 hours), $18/Day
Former Daily SectionParkRDU Premier
$2/Hour (up to 6 hours), $12/Day$3/Hour (up to 4 hours), $18/Day
ParkRDU Central Area 
DailyParkRDU Central
$2/Hour (up to 6 hours), $12/Day$2/Hour (up to 4 hours), $14/Day
Former Terminal 2 HourlyParkRDU Central
$1/Hour (up to 6 hours), $24/Day$2/Hour (up to 4 hours), $14/Day
ParkRDU Economy 3 Area 
Former Park & Ride 3 (Purple)ParkRDU Economy 3
No Hourly Rate*
$6 per entry
$1/Hour (up to 4 hours), $7/Day
ParkRDU Economy 4 Area 
Former Park & Ride 4 (Orange)ParkRDU Economy 4
No Hourly Rate*
$1/Hour (up to 4 hours), $6/Day

*Hourly rates were not available before March 2016.

What should I do if the parking areas near the terminals are full?

When ParkRDU Premier and ParkRDU Central fill, use ParkRDU Economy 3 or ParkRDU Economy 4.

Do you have long-term and short-term parking?

RDU offers hourly (short-term) and daily (long-term) rates in each of our parking lots:

  • ParkRDU Premier is located on the first covered level of the parking garage between Terminals 1 and 2. It offers the closest covered spaces to the terminals with the easiest entrance and exit paths.
  • ParkRDU Central is the majority of the 10,000+ space parking garage between Terminals 1 and 2. It offers covered and uncovered spaces within a short walking distance of the terminals.

ParkRDU Economy comprises two parking lots located near major airport entrances. Access the terminals from these lots via a short, free shuttle ride.

What happened to hourly parking?

Hourly parking still exists and is available as an option in all of our parking locations. In fact, all of our lots charge customers an hourly rate for the first 4 hours before changing over to the daily rate.

Do you have a cell phone lot?

Yes, our complimentary cell phone lot is located just a short distance from the terminals. It is located across from Advantage Rent-a-Car. Access by following “Rental Car Return” signs upon arriving at the airport.

How can I appeal a parking ticket?

You can appeal a parking ticket received at Raleigh-Durham International Airport. This appeal form does not apply to moving violations received by RDU Police.

Why is parking changing?

We are changing our parking program in anticipation of continued growth to our airport and region. ParkRDU provides a world-class airport experience for our customers.

Who do I contact if I am mischarged?

Call RDU Parking at (919) 840-2140.

What if I have trouble entering or exiting the parking facility?

RDU has a 24-hour support system in place to address any glitches and keep you moving throughout our facilities. If you have an issue entering or exiting a parking facility, we have customer service representatives standing by to respond to intercom calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We have also hired additional staff to improve customer service. This helps ensure that even during times of high traveler volume, it’s easy for customers to get in and out of our parking facilities and on to their next destination.

I noticed damage to my car in an airport parking lot. Is the airport responsible?

Unfortunately, the airport is not responsible for damage to vehicles upon entering airport lots.

What is the status of ParkRDU’s Online Booking System?

Our online booking system is on hold. Learn more here.