RDU Vision 2040

The Federal Aviation Administration approved the Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority’s 25-year master plan – Vision 2040 – in 2017 after a two-year public process. The plan is the result of a comprehensive study of RDU’s short, medium and long-term development needs to meet the region’s future aviation demand.

Vision 2040 is a long-range roadmap that provides a guide for the airport to follow when making decisions about major campus construction projects. The master plan focuses on four primary areas: the airfield, terminals, ground transportation and general aviation.

The plan is based on projected passenger volumes and the ability of RDU’s facilities to handle current and future demand. It takes socioeconomic and environmental impacts and benefits into consideration. Within Vision 2040 is an Airport Layout Plan, which visualizes how the RDU of tomorrow will look.

RDU is growing faster than Vision 2040 projected, but the airport only expands its facilities when a certain level of passenger demand is reached – regardless of the year it was anticipated to occur. RDU is tracking more than a decade ahead of master plan projections. That means all the capacity enhancement projects identified in the plan to occur over that period must be implemented now.

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Current Projects

Airfield Improvements

Vision 2040 calls for RDU to preserve existing infrastructure while building for the future:

Terminal Development

RDU plans to expand its two existing terminals to accommodate more passengers and flights:

Ground Transportation Improvements

The Authority plans to create new rental car and ground transportation facilities, while improving the ones we have today. The projects will help relieve congestion on the terminal curb and make your transportation experience on RDU’s campus easier and more convenient.

General Aviation Development

Finally, RDU plans to support future growth of general aviation at the airport through new facilities and locations:

About the Vision 2040 Planning Process

Vision 2040 is the product of several years of planning, public workshops and stakeholder engagement. RDU prioritized public involvement during the master planning process, so that the final plan would reflect the needs of both customers and the community. The Airport Authority hosted 10 public workshops during the planning process and engaged internal and external stakeholder groups for additional input. The FAA approved RDU’s Vision 2040 master plan on Nov. 20, 2017.

Read RDU’s Vision 2040 Master Plan.

Visit the Vision 2040 microsite for answers to frequently asked questions and documentation from past public workshops and meetings.