Wait Times

No matter where you’re going, everyone looks forward to a smooth travel day. Follow these recommendations to ensure you don’t miss your flight due to wait times.


  • Travelers should arrive to RDU at least two hours before domestic flights to allow for potential roadway congestion, find parking and complete the airline check-in and security screening process.
  • International travelers should arrive at least three hours in advance of their departure.
  • Save time by booking your preferred parking option online at least 24 hours in advance. Booking online guarantees access to your favorite parking option at the lowest daily rate available. Click here to book your advance parking at ParkRDU.com.

Airline Check-in and Bag Check

  • Most airlines cut off check-in and bag drop 30-45 minutes prior to departure. Check with your airline for specific rules.
  • Bag Curbside check-in is available through skycap services for domestic flights on select airlines.
  • Contact your airline to find its policy on carry-ons and checked baggage, including size and weight limits.

Security Checkpoint

  • Wait times vary throughout the day based on peak flying times, which are early morning, mid-day and evening hours. Most passengers wait less than 30 minutes for security checkpoint screening, but queue times can be longer during peak hours.
  • TSA offers expedited security screening at RDU for registered TSA Pre® customers. Learn more and apply online at tsa.gov/precheck.

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