RDU Airport Taxi

RDU Taxi Service

Upon arrival, let us help get you to your final destination! RDU Taxi, Inc. is our only licensed taxi service provider. Metered fares and customer service standards are implemented and monitored by the Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority.

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Locating a Taxi at RDU
Taxi dispatchers are located outside the terminals at RDU. The Terminal 1 Taxi Dispatch Booth is located outside Bag Claim 3. At Terminal 2, the booth is located on the lower level outside Bag Claim 1.

You may also schedule a taxi reservation to RDU Airport by contacting RDU Taxi, Inc. at (919) 840-7277.  Handicap-accessible vehicles are available upon request.  Reservations are not needed when departing from RDU, simply proceed to the Taxi Dispatch Booth, located outside of each terminal.

RDU Taxi Meter Rates
For trips within Durham, Orange and Wake counties, drivers charge a meter rate set by the Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority. Outside the three-county area, fares may either be charged on the meter rate or negotiated between you and the driver.

$4 drop charge (includes $1 fuel fee and $0.50 airport charge)
$1.95 each mile (calculated at $0.65 for each 1/3 mile)
$0.50 for each piece of luggage (over 3 items per passenger)

Sample one-way fares with estimated mileage:

Sample one-way fares with estimated mileage: 

Sample One Way Fares

Taxis and the Triangle Expressway
Some destinations near RDU can be reached quickly using the Triangle Expressway, North Carolina’s first modern toll road. If your destination is easily accessible via the Triangle Expressway, RDU taxi drivers will:

  • Advise you of the option to use the toll route before leaving the airport and that there is also a non-toll option to your destination.
  • Allow you to make the decision as to which route to take. If you choose to take the Triangle Expressway, RDU Taxi will include the toll amount in your fare. RDU Taxi charges the N.C. Quick Pass rate, the lowest possible toll charge.