Photo of a traffic incident at RDU

Emergency Information

We are committed to providing accurate, timely information to news media should an on-site emergency take place at Raleigh-Durham International Airport. Please be mindful that the early minutes of an emergency situation are dedicated to the emergency response.

Please keep the following in mind should an emergency occur at the airport.

  • Early during the emergency period, we will issue an advisory designating the location of media briefings. We will do our best to provide a working area for credentialed media.
  • The Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority will provide periodic briefings as information becomes available. If an aircraft is involved, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) will become responsible for the release of information once the agency arrives on site.
  • The Airport Authority spokesperson will only provide basic information during the early stages of the emergency.
  • Once airport officials have been given approval, the Airport Authority will escort media to the incident site.
  • In the case of aircraft incidents off airport property, an Airport Authority representative will respond. The time and location for media briefings will be coordinated with the local jurisdiction.

Information Dissemination Responsibilities

The following is a summary of information disseminated during an emergency and the agency responsible for communicating with the media.

  • Confirmation of an incident: Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority Communications, Government & Community Affairs
  • Cause of an aircraft incident: National Transportation Safety Board
  • Passenger manifest: Airline involved in the incident
  • Passenger and bag screening process: Transportation Security Administration
  • Air traffic control communication: Federal Aviation Administration