Facts About the Proposed RDU Perimeter Fence

RDU is exploring options to build a perimeter fence around all of the airport’s property, including the boundary between the airport and Umstead State Park. The fence will enhance airport security and help keep trespassers off of airport property.

There is misinformation circulating about the impact a fence would have on access to Umstead State Park and a multi-use trail that intersects RDU property. We went to the location where the trail crosses RDU property to dispel myths about the proposed project.

Some important things to know:

  • This proposal will not block access to Umstead State Park.
  • RDU is already working with North Carolina State Parks to ensure that park goers have access to the multi-use trail.
  • The board has not yet voted on the matter – if and when they do, RDU will share that information.