May Enplanements at RDU Grow 11.4 Percent

Airport Authority Focused On Queueing Improvements

Passenger volume at RDU rose sharply again during May, with 653,769 enplaned travelers over the course of the month – an 11.4 percent increase over departing passengers in May 2018.

As travelers observe lengthier lines at the security checkpoint – particularly during peak travel times such as early morning, mid-day and evening – the airport has created a Wait Times information page to help prepare for departure smoothly.

“The long lines customers experience in the morning are because Terminal 2 is servicing 50 percent more people between 5 and 7 a.m. than it did two years ago, even though total passenger growth was only 20 percent over the same two-year period,” said Michael Landguth, president and CEO of the Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority. “More flights in the morning and larger aircraft means more people in the terminal.”

RDU opened two new checkpoint lanes in Terminal 2 in May and recently started the planning process for the construction of two additional checkpoint lanes, which will bring the total to 14. The Authority is actively working on a number of process improvements to maintain its world-class customer experience, including hiring two part-time staff to assist with the security checkpoint lines and adding stanchions to improve the queueing flow.

As always, RDU recommends travelers arrive to the airport at least two hours before domestic flights to allow for potential roadway congestion, find parking and complete the airline check-in and security screening process. International travelers should add extra time.