Authority Hosts Sustainability Management Plan Public Workshop

The Authority is developing RDU’s first Sustainability Management Plan (SMP) to improve the tracking and communication of the airport’s sustainability initiatives, increase efficiency, and better incorporate economic savings and environmental stewardship into project planning. The SMP will provide a road map for the integration of environmental sustainability into airport planning, construction, maintenance, operations and design processes.

On Thursday, community members joined RDU staff for a public workshop to discuss the SMP. During the workshop, attendees learned about the planning process and RDU’s roadmap for sustainability. Authority staff also provided information and answered questions about RDU’s nine core SMP focus areas:

Business Continuity and Resiliency – RDU’s ability to continue operating when facing events that could potentially impact or disrupt operations, including energy resilience and adaption to extreme weather events.

Sustainable Buildings and Infrastructure – The airport’s approach to resource-efficient buildings and sustainable infrastructure projects and the identification of long-term strategies to embed sustainability ratings.

Land Use and Natural Resources – The airport’s land use and management of natural resources in order to properly balance the Authority’s business needs and environmental stewardship.

Energy – Includes energy usage, identifies opportunities for efficiencies and explores the potential for renewable energy production.

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Management – Efforts to reduce GHG emissions from sources owned and/or controlled by the airport as well as emissions from the generation of energy purchased by the airport.

Sustainable Transportation – Consider local transit options and minimize transportation-related environmental impacts at the airport from Authority or passenger-owned vehicles and equipment.

Materials and Waste – Reduce waste and increase recycling with consideration to materials management and education and training programs.

Water and Stormwater – Reduce potable water consumption and improve stormwater management.

Community, Customers, and Employees – Outreach programs and initiatives that engage key stakeholder groups such as employees, customers and the broader community on sustainability matters.

RDU is accepting feedback about the SMP and these nine focus areas through February 21. You can submit comments to For more information about the SMP, please visit the RDU SMP webpage.