RDU and Cree | Wolfspeed: Connecting the World and Creating Opportunity

RDU is proud to contribute to the economy—and the economic growth—of the Triangle by connecting the world and creating opportunity. Did you know that we help fuel more than 86,000 jobs to the region? And we bring 12.6 billion into the local economy each year.

But don’t just take it from us.

Cree and Wolfspeed—a technology powerhouse headquartered in the Research Triangle Park— recently spoke about the vital role RDU plays in its success.

Margaret Chadwick, VP of HR-Global Operations Business for Cree and Wolfspeed, explains that having a world-class airport so close helps “attract new talent, creates efficiencies in the company’s hiring process, and allows its employees to connect with business leaders across the globe.”

Whether Cree executives are introducing themselves to new customers, closing a deal, or building a new relationship with a vendor partner, success couldn’t be possible without RDU.

“Those are all times where you have to be there,” said Chadwick. “And RDU helps us be there.”

In addition to the opportunities that RDU provides for business growth, Chadwick notes the welcoming environment she experiences when she lands at RDU after long business trips.

“When I get off the airplane, I know I’m home,” said Chadwick.

And, what a good feeling! Chadwick’s experience is our goal for all RDU guests. As our airport traffic continues to grow year-over-year, we are thoughtfully working to accommodate the demands of our region. With additional flight options, locally-inspired concessions, new gates, improved parking and more, RDU’s Vision 2040 aims to upgrade the travel experience by delivering even more convenience and world-class service.