Wildlife Management at RDU

The Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority works with local, state and federal agencies to reduce wildlife hazards at and around the airport. Raleigh-Durham International Airport’s proactive approach helps to deter wildlife from entering airport property.

RDU’s wildlife management practices include:

  • Maintain airfield grass at the U.S. Department of Agriculture recommended height of 6 -14 inches to prevent birds from flocking on the airfield
  • Perimeter fence replacement to prevent wildlife from accessing the airfield
  • Geese relocation coordinated with the USDA
  • Covering ponds on airport property with materials to deter birds from congregating near the airfield
  • Regular perimeter fence checks looking for signs of wildlife activity
  • Coordinating with local university wildlife officials to identify endangered species and properly relocate them to safe habitats
  • Planting only non-fruit producing trees so as not to attract birds