Height Zoning

To ensure the safety of arriving and departing aircraft at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport, the Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority has established height zoning regulations and restrictions for the area surrounding the airport through the RDU Height Zoning Ordinance.

These regulations apply to both man-made and natural structures that are either permanent or temporary. Some examples include: buildings, signs, radio towers, construction equipment, cranes, and trees.

An FAA 7460 Obstruction Determination and an RDU Airport Height Zoning Permit from the RDU Airport Authority may be required for structures within the zone outlined on the Height Zoning Map. Applicants should use the FAA Notice Criteria Tool to determine if their proposed project and/or equipment requires filing a form with the FAA and to assist in determining if an RDU Airport Height Zoning Permit will be required.

Applicants whose structures may exceed the height zoning limitations may seek a Variance from the RDU Airport Height Zoning Board of Appeals.


Mail or E-mail applications to:

Director of Planning and Sustainability
RDU Airport Authority
1000 Trade Dr.
P.O. Box 80001
RDU Airport, NC 27623
E-mail the Director of Planning and Sustainability