Conservation at RDU

The Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority is committed to conserving natural resources and implementing energy-saving aspects in the development of Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

With each project, we evaluate how we can conserve energy and leverage technology to improve energy efficiency.

Energy Conservation

  • 2,000 airfield lights are light emitting diode, or LED, lights which have lower energy consumption and a longer lifetime.
  • Fritted glass is used in Terminal 2 to reduce cooling needs.
  • A high efficiency central energy plant and computerized building management system maximizes energy-efficiency.
  • Pre-conditioned air and 400Hz ground power units used on our jetbridges allow aircraft to shut down engines and use more efficient heating/cooling and power systems while at the gate, saving energy and reducing emissions.

Fuel Conservation

  • Biodiesel is used in RDU’s trucks, tractors and busses to reduce air pollution.
  • Ultra low-sulfur diesel is used in RDU’s emergency generators.

Water Conservation

  • Brier Creek Reservoir, the Airport Authority’s own non-potable water source, is used to irrigate 80 percent of the landscaping at RDU.
  • Low flow bathroom fixtures with automatic shut off valves and accessories reduce water use.

Other Conservation Measures

  • Polished terrazzo flooring in Terminal 2 eliminates the need for chemical waxing and stripping.

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