Yellow In/Yellow Out Helps With Parking Transition

yellow-in-banner-central-e1506616490437.jpgOver the next few weeks you’ll be seeing yellow when parking in RDU’s Central or Premier lots. We’re in the process of replacing the entry, exit and pay-on-foot machines at each of our parking lots.

The old machines and new machines can’t communicate with each other. That means if you enter the lot via an older machine, you must exit the lot under one as well. And, the same principle with our new machines.

Now, we know that everyone isn’t an expert at parking machines. That’s where the yellow comes in.

We’ll be marking entry and exit lanes that feature our new equipment with yellow — lots of it! If you enter via a yellow entrance lane, simply go to a yellow lane at the parking exit plaza.

It’s that easy.

You’ll also see parking ambassadors at our entry gates, exit gates and at our pay-on-foot machines throughout the transitions to make sure you sail right through. And, we’ll hand you a card as you enter to refresh your memory upon your return.

Our goal is that this important transition doesn’t cause you to skip a beat getting to your flight or getting home.

We’re expecting this transition to take about 30 days. We’ve already successfully converted all of the equipment in ParkRDU Economy 4. After Central and Premier lots are changed over, we’ll move to ParkRDU Economy 3 and then our employee lots.

We’re working toward launching ParkRDU online booking in the first half of 2018.