Vaccine Rollout Boosts Confidence in Air Travel

New Travel Requirements Tool Helps Passengers Travel Smart

Passengers continue to report confidence in RDU’s health and safety measures and say they are more likely to travel by air as distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine becomes widespread, according to a March survey of RDU passengers.

“While RDU and airlines have made tremendous strides in restoring passenger confidence, vaccinations will be the final piece that ignites the industry’s recovery,” said Michael Landguth, president and CEO of the Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority. “A recent survey finds that most people plan to book a trip once they are fully vaccinated. While it may take a little longer for corporate travel to rebound, all indications are leisure travel will pick up as the vaccine becomes more widely distributed.”

The airport collected a statistically valid sample of more than 500 responses during the first week of March from an online survey sent to nearly 14,000 RDU travelers. The purpose of the survey is to track consumer sentiment related to air travel and compare it to two similar surveys conducted by RDU in 2020. The March 2021 survey was the first to include questions about vaccinations and how that affects perceptions about how safe it is to fly.

Highlights of the new survey include:

  • 76% of respondents agree that being vaccinated against COVID-19 makes traveling by airline safer
  • 72% of those who have been vaccinated said they have either flown since they got the vaccine or intend to book travel after being fully vaccinated
  • 91% of respondents indicate that they have either already been partially or fully vaccinated or intend to be in the near future
  • Nearly 40% of respondents indicated that they have traveled by air during the pandemic, with about 24% having taken multiple trips
  • 54% of respondents indicated that they would feel safe flying from RDU this week – statistically unchanged from November 2020
  • 52% reported feeling safter about flying after taking their initial trip through RDU – similar to previous survey results

With travelers returning to the skies in greater numbers, RDU is also announcing the March 16 launch of a system that will help guests plan their travel by staying up to date with the latest COVID-related entry requirements and local regulations at their destination. RDU is the first airport in the world to offer the service on its website.

The Travel Requirements tool captures travel information from sources around the world and displays it on an interactive map accessible on

It answers the main questions travelers have about destinations around the world – where can I go and what can I do when I get there?

Some of the information you can find includes:

  • Covid-19 testing and quarantine requirements
  • Instructions to follow upon arriving at your destination
  • Status of restaurants, businesses, and attractions
  • Local regulations
  • Public health guidance

The new Travel Requirements tool makes it easier to travel smart and feel confident when planning your next trip. Visit for more information.