The Fly Angle, Episode 17: Duke University Takes Higher Education to the Skies

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During Mike Schoenfeld’s 14 years as Duke’s top communicator, RDU helped the university connect students with learning opportunities in 75 countries. He stops by to tell us how our world-class airport supports the Research Triangle’s world-class colleges and universities. Meanwhile, co-hosts Mary Griffith and Stephanie Hawco talk about jet-setting to Paris, cooking up new dining options in a first-of-its-kind ghost kitchen and how RDU is making air travel more inclusive for guests with disabilities that might not be obvious.

Episode Guest:

Mike Schoenfeld is signing off as the Vice President of Public Affairs and Government Relations and Chief Communications Officer at Duke University, where he saw firsthand how RDU connects students, alumni and campuses around the world. Mike is a longtime advocate for RDU and former chair of the Regional Transportation Alliance, where he encouraged business groups to focus on the value of air travel.  He is also a self-described airplane geek who has been flying through RDU for forty years. He shares his observations about what the airport means to the Triangle and why you just might run into him at Observation Park.

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