Saluting World Class Service at RDU

World class service leaves us awestruck, speechless. Whether out loud or just to ourselves, a “Wow!” escapes our lips and forever resonates in our memories.

At Raleigh-Durham International Airport, delivering world class service permeates every level of our organization – from our vision and mission to our core values of excellence, integrity, respect, team and learning.

To help us deliver on this promise, we are thrilled to announce the new World Class Service Awards (WCS) program.


To truly become known for world class service requires teamwork. With nearly 5,000 employees at RDU, only 6 percent work for the Airport Authority. Partnering with the airlines, tenants and governmental agencies that call RDU home is crucial. Now with the WCS Awards program, we can showcase individuals who provide stellar customer service.

On July 27, we gathered in Terminal 2 to honor our 10 inaugural WCS Award winners. Recipients are given a $75 Visa gift card and a WCS lanyard – helping everyone easily spot our WCS all-stars.

Recognized at the ceremony are Alice Kirton with JQ Enterprises and Jack Hughes with CLS Management, who work at our General Aviation Terminal; Kameel Dokrom with Superior Skycaps; Ramona McNair with Bruegger’s Bagels and HMS Host/JQ Enterprises; RDU Volunteer Barbara Senowitz; Carlos Espinoza, RDU Taxi Inc., manager; Sharea Carmen, Roger Williams and Edgar Eborn, with ABM and bus drivers for ParkRDU; and Soufiane Sayhi with Char-Grill and Uptown Food Group.

Top of the World Award

soufianeFrom among the winners, a Top of the World Award is chosen along with a $150 prize. Soufiane Sayhi, named a.k.a. “Superman” by a customer, earned this honor after soaring above everyone in delivering amazing service in Terminal 1.

After a long, exhausting 8-hour shift, Soufiane reopened Char-Grill following the diversion of two Southwest flights due to bad weather at their destination airports. On his own, he took orders, cooked the food, and served nearly 280 passengers and crew members before they re-boarded their flights to their original destinations. One customer called the Authority three times to praise his efforts. Others wrote into us online.

“As quickly as he was moving, he took the time to thank each of us for our order,” said one passenger. “It was a true act of kindness and the ultimate professionalism.”

A second customer stated, “As CEO of a company, I envy Char-Grill for having such a fantastic associate representing their team….I have rarely seen such dedication for a company and its customers. I would be extremely proud to have someone like him on my team.”

And, so are we.

Congratulations to all of our inaugural WCS Award winners. Please tell us about your world-class experience at RDU by clicking here. We look forward to hearing from you and honoring a new group of WCS winners soon.