RDU Winter Weather Update: 6:30 p.m.

RDU AIRPORT, N.C. – Inclement weather in Central North Carolina and up the East coast will continue to impact flights this evening through Jan. 24. Airlines, including JetBlue, United and Southwest, will restart service at RDU tomorrow morning. However, RDU officials are expecting continued cancellations to areas in the Northeast, including Washington D.C., Philadelphia and New York.

Additional flight cancellations and delays may occur. Due to inclement weather up and down the East coast, passengers with travel plans over the next several days should contact their airline to determine the status of their flight and to make alternative arrangements if needed.

While RDU provides general information on airline operations, passengers are advised to contact their airline to confirm flight status and to make alternative arrangements.

RDU crews have worked around the clock to ensure flight operations at RDU continue throughout the storm. They will continue to treat roadways, taxiways and runways as needed.

Links to airline web sites, customer service numbers and flight status can be found at www.rdu.com.

Travelers can follow RDU at twitter.com/rduairport for updates on airport operations.