RDU Launches New Podcast ‘The Fly Angle’

For podcast enthusiasts, there’s no feeling better than loading up episodes of their favorite shows before jetting off on a long flight. Now, you can hear what’s happening at RDU by subscribing to a new podcast debuting today.

Each month, The Fly Angle – hosted by the Airport Authority’s Communications, Government & Community Affairs team – will go behind-the-scenes at a large international airport, introducing special guest interviews and answering burning questions about little-known aspects of airport life.

RDU’s new podcast is designed for everyone, from the occasional flyer to diehard aviation enthusiasts. And we want to hear from you – drop us an email at communications@rdu.com to let us know what you’d like to hear about on an upcoming episode!

How to Listen and Subscribe

Listen here or find The Fly Angle on your favorite podcast app.

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Episode 1: Now Arriving… Hurricane Season

In This Episode

As RDU continues to recover from COVID-19, co-hosts Mary Griffith (RDU’s Director of Community Affairs) and Jake Potter (Director of Internal Communications) chat about who’s returning to fly – and what they can expect to see on travel day. Special guest Ashley Thorsen from RDU’s Operations team joins the podcast to talk about how the airport community is preparing for an unusually busy hurricane season.

Episode Guests

Ashley Thorsen, M.S. is an operations officer with the Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority. A native of Tidewater, Va., Thorsen joined RDU in 2018.


“Moment” — Amine Maxwell

Music provided by Audio Library Plus