Baggage and Cargo

  • Is curbside check-in available?
    Yes. Curbside check-in is available through skycap services for select airlines.
  • Where do I find my lost bags? What if my bags were damaged?
    Contact your airline for questions about lost or damaged luggage. Airlines have bag service offices located in the bag claim areas of Terminal 1and Terminal 2.
  • How many bags are allowed to be carry-on and checked?
    Contact your airline to learn about its specific policy regarding carry-on and checked baggage.
  • What are the size and weight limitations for carryon baggage and checked luggage?
    Contact your airline to learn about size and weight limitations.
  • Where is the FedEx or other overnight package delivery drop off box?
    The FedEx drop-off box is located at the FedEx cargo facility. Services are not available in the terminals.
  • Where do I pick up a cargo package?
    Each airline has a cargo facility on airport property. Contact your airline to learn its specific location. View locations of cargo facilities for commercial aircraft.