RDU Assists Relief Agencies Ahead of Hurricane Dorian Response

Passengers Should Check With Airlines for Flight Delays or Cancellations

Raleigh-Durham International Airport is assisting the American Red Cross, the U.S. Coast Guard and the North Carolina National Guard (NCNG) as they prepare for Hurricane Dorian response efforts.

The American Red Cross established a welcome station at RDU to greet more than 100 volunteers who will assist with post-hurricane relief and recovery efforts in North Carolina. The Red Cross volunteers will arrange transportation, food and lodging for relief workers, serve food at shelters and help with disaster assessment and recovery efforts. Additional Red Cross support staff are expected to arrive at RDU over the next few days.

“As we continue to monitor Hurricane Dorian for any potential impact on airport operations, we are pleased to welcome the Red Cross volunteers who will help citizens in need after the storm,” said Michael Landguth, president and CEO of the Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority. “RDU will also assist the Coast Guard and National Guard with staging and fueling assets that will support hurricane relief efforts.”

The U.S. Coast Guard brought a trailerable 26-foot aid to navigation boat (ATOB) from Ft. Macon in Atlantic Beach to RDU on Wednesday in preparation for Hurricane Dorian. The boat and crew of four are on standby until the storm passes. They will conduct post-hurricane assessments on the coast and assist in reopening the state port in Morehead City in the aftermath of Dorian.

RDU will also assist the North Carolina National Guard in fueling Chinook, Lakota and Blackhawk search and rescue helicopters that will be staged at the NCNG facility near the airport.

The Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority has FAA-approved emergency preparedness plans in place and is closely monitoring Hurricane Dorian as it impacts North Carolina. Passengers should check with their airlines prior to leaving for the airport to find out if their flights have been canceled or delayed.