Parking Garage Improvements Close Spaces in RDU Deck

Travelers are Encouraged to Book Parking in Advance Online

The number of available spaces in RDU’s parking garage will be reduced by an average of 1,150 a week as crews work to remove and repair paint on levels two through six.

The repairs began just after Labor Day and will continue through mid-May.  The garage temporarily reached capacity on Wednesday due to a lack of available spaces and customers who didn’t book their parking online were directed to other lots. Customers should book parking online at at least 24 hours in advance.

Customers who book parking ahead of time can pre-pay at a lower rate and scan a QR code when they arrive. Account holders can also manage their accounts and receipts on their phones. The best option for those who do not pre-book and find that the garage is full is to continue on John Brantley Boulevard to the ParkRDU Express lot, located on International Drive. Customers who park in Express will be picked up at their vehicle, assisted with their luggage and taken directly to the terminal curb by a shuttle that runs every five minutes.

All parking spaces will be open during the holiday travel season, from Saturday, Nov. 23 through Friday, Jan. 3.