Park Economy 4 is Getting New and Improved Entry & Exit Equipment

New and Improved: Upgraded Parking Plaza equipment will provide a better experience for customers.

Beginning on Monday, August 21st, new parking equipment at Park Economy 4 will go online at the lot’s entry and exit plazas. This means that the equipment that dispenses your ticket upon entry and the equipment you utilize to pay upon exit at the conclusion of your parking experience will be new and improved, with minimal inconvenience to you.

If you enter Park Economy 4 on August 21st or afterwards, you will utilize the new ticketing system and will need to exit under that same system. Exit lanes with machines that feature an illuminated yellow strip and yellow exit arms are new and will accept the tickets distributed on or after August 21st.

If you entered Park Economy 4 on or before August 20th you entered the lot under the old system and will need to exit under that same system or through the Cashier’s lane, which will be manned 24-hours a day during this transition. Exit lanes with white machines and white exit arms are part of the old system and will accept tickets dispensed on or before August 20th.

To provide the best experience possible for our customers, parking attendants will be directing exit traffic at Park Economy 4 throughout the duration of this transition and will be available to answer any ticketing questions you may have.

Thank you for your patience as we work to improve RDU to serve you better.

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