On the Record: We would like to apologize

Tuesday, January 10 was not our finest day. It is really incredible the havoc three small pieces of computer hardware can cause.  We pride ourselves on connecting you to the people and places that matter most, efficiently and without disruption. Travel is stressful enough without any extra delays added by the airport.

A common-use technology platform powers the computers in Terminal 2.

We failed on Tuesday and we are very sorry.

The computer system in Terminal 2 operates on a common-use technology platform, allowing the most efficient use of space and resources. We embrace information technology best practices and have implemented multiple redundant systems.

In this instance, the primary, back-up, and stand-by hardware systems all failed simultaneously.

This event could not be anticipated nor was it the result of external influences.  As a means of increasing the reliability and maintainability of these systems, we have been implementing an approved project to migrate to a different hardware system.

Ironically, these critical components failed less than 48 hours before they were scheduled for replacement.

As a silver lining, in the face of major, unpleasant disruptions, our staff shined. When the issue was first reported, our Information Services team immediately sprang into action. By early morning, dozens of employees and business partners were working multiple paths, from repair to total hardware replacement, to get you flying again as quickly as possible.

Plus, our airline partners found very creative ways to minimize the disruption. Some checked-in customers at bag service offices, where computers weren’t affected. Others found ways to use computers in their offices to assist. Our Guest Services team provided water and snacks to those in line.

January 10 was a tough day but it will help us serve you better. Thank you for choosing to fly through RDU, even when we have a really, really bad day.