On the Record: ParkRDU Online Booking is On Hold

Since the launch of ParkRDU in April, we’ve heard your excitement about ParkRDU online booking. We are excited as well. Here is an update on the status of online booking. 

RDU_0874The launch of the ParkRDU online booking system is on hold due to some issues we continue to experience in testing. We refuse to settle for anything less than an excellent experience for our customers, and we’re working closely with our service providers to find a solution.

In the meantime, you can continue to use our parking facilities as you always have — just drive up, pull a ticket and enter. For more information on ParkRDU parking options, please click here.

The issues we’re experiencing in testing are related to communication between the system that controls our entry and exit gates and the online booking system. The technology solution that we are preparing to implement is cutting-edge technology and, to our knowledge, has not yet been implemented in any U.S. airport.

The launch of ParkRDU has been successful thus far — utilization of our facilities continues to grow and we even added more spaces to our ParkRDU Premier section due to increasing demand. The new program has reduced the number of days the garage has filled to capacity.

We continue making improvements to our ParkRDU facilities. In fact, we have $20 million in improvements planned for the ParkRDU Premier and Central lots alone over the next five years. Soon, you’ll be hearing about planned improvements to our ParkRDU Economy lots.

We appreciate your thoughts, suggestions and feedback. We’ll continue to share more information as it becomes available.

Please visit www.parkrdu.com to learn more about our parking offerings and follow us on Twitter for updates on parking facility status and more.