Buses, Cards and Trees: Improving RDU to Serve You Better

T1 Landscaping
New landscaping is being installed to the north and south of Terminal 1.

There’s more in common among shuttle buses, credit cards and landscaping than you might think. Today, the Airport Authority board of directors made several decisions that will improve RDU to serve you better.


Perhaps you’ve seen our Vision 2040 plans or maybe you know about the preservation in our ParkRDU Central Lot. These are some of the bigger projects to improve RDU. We want you to also know about smaller ways we’re making your airport better.

Raising the Customer Service Bar 

April marked our 38th consecutive month of year-over-year growth. That’s a lot of people using our parking lots and riding our shuttle buses. SP+ Airport Services begins partnering with us mid-summer to raise your customer service experience.

They will provide shuttle bus drivers, cashiers and the marshals that help you find a space in the garage. They’re a new partner for us and will provide rigorous customer service training as well as new safety measures. This includes cameras to assist with security and driver training as well as on-board sensors to help keep you safe in heavy traffic.

Taking Credit Card Security to the Next Level

Protecting your credit card data when you park with us is always top of mind. A new partnership with Payment Express will take an already secure system to the next level.

This year, new parking entry/exit equipment is coming as we work to bring online booking in the future. Payment Express will add new card readers that will allow you to stay in contact with your card during the payment process. They’ll also bring a higher level of security to your data between RDU and the credit card company.

Beautiful Landscaping Under Budget

Last year, we said goodbye to the north and south sections of Terminal 1 as we demolished the older sections of the building. In those areas, you may have noticed some beautiful landscaping that provides new views of the airfield as you pass Terminal 1.

That landscaping will be in place for many years until the land is needed for future stages of Vision 2040. Until then, we hope you enjoy this new scenery. What’s even better: the project is nearly complete on time and under budget. We always look to use airport funds responsibly and this is a great example.

We want to hear about what we can do to improve RDU. What are we doing well? Share your experience.