American/US Airways Merger Means Changes In Terminal 2

American Airlines and US Airways continue merging operations at airports across the world. What’s happening at RDU? When will the carriers operate together at RDU?  Here’s an update on the merger process at RDU.

US Airways' ticket counter moves within Terminal 2 on August 11.
US Airways’ ticket counter moves within Terminal 2 on August 11.

Ticketing Changes

American and US Airways will co-locate their ticketing operations the week of August 10, when a series of moves will occur in the Terminal 2 Ticketing Lobby.

  • August 11: US Airways begins operating from Ticket Counters D and E in the Terminal 2 Ticketing Lobby to operate alongside American Airlines.
  • August 13: Delta Air Lines begins operating from Ticket Counter B, the former location of US Airways. United Airlines will move to Ticket Counter C, the former home of Delta Air Lines.

Each airline move will occur overnight the previous evening so as not to interrupt airport operations. Delta and United are moving to balance out the number of checked bags using various parts of the baggage screening system.

Bag Claim Changes

There are no changes planned for the bag claim carrousels assigned to American Airlines or US Airways, but as always, it’s a good idea to check the monitors upon arrival as the assignments can change due to flight volumes. Both carriers have bag claim offices located in bag claim. Plans on changes to the offices are not yet final; however, all offices are located in the same general area.

Curbside Check-in Changes

As the ticket counters change on August 13, Delta Air Lines’ curbside check-in location will move to outside Zone 5 on the departures curb. American Airlines’ curbside check-in returned to Terminal 2 on August 3.

Club Changes

The US Airways Club merged with the American Airlines Admiral’s Club in 2014. The Admiral’s Club is located near Gate C3. No further changes to the club are expected at this time.

Gate Assignment Changes

Since the announcement of the American Airlines/ US Airways merger, Airport Authority staff along with representatives from each of the air carriers in Terminal 2 has been working on a plan to co-locate the American Airlines/US Airways gates. Gate changes will not take place until 2016. Until then, American Airlines flights will operate from both Concourse C and Concourse D in Terminal 2. All gates are accessible after passing through the security checkpoint.

Airplanes bearing US Airways branding may continue to visit RDU until 2017.
Airplanes bearing US Airways branding may continue to visit RDU until 2017.

US Airways Signage

The last day of operations for US Airways is October 17. That night, US Airways signs will be removed from the airport. On October 18, we begin a new chapter with American Airlines at RDU.

US Airways Planes

According to American Airlines, we may still continue to see US Airways-painted planes at RDU through 2017, though they will become rarer over time. The carrier is in the process of repainting US Airways planes.