Transportation Security Administration Federalizes Security Checkpoints at RDU

RDU Airport, NC – The Transportation Security Administration today completed the federalization of Raleigh-Durham International Airport’s three security checkpoints. Over 300 federal passenger screeners are now responsible for security screening at the airport’s checkpoints in Terminal A, Terminal A extension and Terminal C.

“TSA continues its progress toward meeting our November 19 deadline of a fully deployed federal screening workforce in all 429 commercial airports,” said Acting Under Secretary of Transportation of Security Admiral James M. Loy. “As of today, TSA has deployed federal screeners to 35 airports.”

The Aviation and Transportation Security Act passed by Congress in November 2001 set several milestones for the enhancement of aviation security. The following milestones have been achieved and are in place at RDU:

In July, the Transportation Security Administration named Ronald J. Juhl Federal Security Director. He oversees all security screening operations at RDU.
On February 17, the Transportation Security Administration began providing federal oversight of security checkpoints at the country’s 429 airports.
Airlines began conducting 100% baggage screening on all checked luggage on January 18. Methods for screening baggage include machine screening, bomb sniffing dogs, manual searches and passenger bag matching.

The Transportation Security Administration, which is responsible for civil aviation security, is continuing the process of establishing federal security operations in the nation’s commercial airports. TSA will deploy federal screeners to all commercial airports by the November 19 deadline and is responsible for having checked baggage screeners and equipment in place by December 31, 2002.