Top 5: Travel Happy with Earth Day in Mind

With more than 11.6 million passengers traveling through RDU last year, making a few small changes the next time you fly can have a significant impact. So, to celebrate Earth Day every day, we’ve compiled five ways you can travel happy while keeping the environment in mind all year long.

  1. Ditch the Plastic Bottles

Bring your own empty (this is important) reusable bottle through security, then head to your favorite Starbucks location to fill it up with coffee, tea, or some other tasty beverage. Or, simply fill it up with water at one of our water fountains and be on your way!

  1. Say No to the Straw

When you check out some of our newest restaurant experiences, like Dale Jr.’s Whisky River or Popeyes, go without the straw. Over 500,00 straws make it to landfills each year, going without one isn’t too much of a sacrifice and could have a real impact.

  1. Check the Bins

Steel disposal bins with a blue top are for recycling newspaper, magazines, plastic bottles, receipts, non-greasy paper bags, and cardboard. The other steel disposal bins are for everything else.

  1. Skip the Bag

Did you just find that perfect new handbag at Brighton? Or did you pick up your favorite magazine at ink by Hudson? If so, skip the plastic bag and just ask for the receipt. You’ll cut down on waste and simply pack your items in your carry-on.

  1. Use a Mobile Boarding Pass

This is one of our favorite ways to streamline air travel. Go paperless and keep all your ticketing information conveniently in your mobile device. That way, everything is at your fingertips and there’s no paper ticket to throw away.

Easy and simple, right? We think so too. Check out a few ways RDU keeps Earth Day in mind every day below.

  • Low-flow toilets and fixtures in all public restrooms.
  • 85% of irrigation water comes from a non-drinking water source.
  • Recycling is prominently available in all Authority office buildings; this includes everything from batteries, to wood pallets, fluorescent bulbs, electronics, oil, tires, glass, and metal.
  • Authority buildings utilize technology to monitor HVAC filters, room temperatures, and lighting to ensure efficiency.
  • 80% of airfield lighting (taxiways, runways, and airfield signage) utilize energy efficient LEDs.
  • Four fully-electric buses will join the RDU fleet in Spring 2019! The buses will eliminate an estimated 16.9 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions over their lifetime when compared to diesel alternatives.