Terminal 2 Baggage Handling System Gets an Upgrade

New Updates to a System That Dates Back a Dozen Years

Bags are moving more efficiently and reliably in Terminal 2 thanks to a recent upgrade of the baggage handling control system. The system underwent final testing, received TSA approval and went live in January. The $3 million project began in late 2017, with construction finishing up in 2019. It updates a system that was originally installed in 2008.

Enhancements include newer updated computerized controls and software.  It is the equivalent of getting the latest iPhone with the most up to date operating system but on a much larger scale.  The update has improved the flow of bags from ticketing, through TSA’s screening process, and on to the various carriers to be loaded on the planes.  The baggage system itself is only one part of the process of getting bags processed efficiently – it also takes well-trained airline and TSA employees to get your luggage from point A to point B.  TSA has to be properly staffed to perform baggage screening functions, especially at heavy times so as not to back up the outbound system.  The airlines also must properly place bags into the system and avoid mishandling items that could causes jams and stop or damage the system.  Just as checkpoint lines can overflow at busy times, similar impacts can be seen with the baggage system if all the pieces don’t work together.

The baggage system control improvements also apply to the inbound baggage system that the airlines use to deliver your bags to baggage claim.  Remember, the airlines are responsible for physically getting your bags off of the baggage system to the airplane for departing flights and from the airplane to the bag carousel for arrivals. If you experience delays in getting your bags after a flight, please contact your airline for help.

The next step for the baggage handling systems in both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 is for RDU to work with TSA to upgrade their specialized baggage security screening equipment.  That project will go out for bid shortly and an award is expected in the spring.