RDU’s Top Nonstop Destinations in 2014

Planes take off and land at RDU hundreds of times each and every day. Our terminals and concourses fill and then empty multiple times a day. Where is everyone going? With flights to more than 40 nonstop destinations, our region is on the move.

Let’s take a look at the top nonstop destinations in 2014, according to data from the U.S. Department of Transportation:


10. Tampa (TPA)

Average passengers per day, each way (PDEW): 267.4
2013 Rank: Not on the list
Average Nonstop Departures (Deps) Per Day in 2014: 4.2
Airlines: Delta, Southwest

This beautiful city on Florida’s Gulf Coast has a number of business synergies with our region. It’s also an extremely popular tourist destination.


9. Philadelphia (PHL)

PDEW: 275.6
2013 Rank: 6
Deps: 9.6
Airlines: American, US Airways, Delta

The city of brotherly love lost a little love from our passengers, dropping three slots from 2013. However, it’s still a very popular destination from RDU.

San Francisco
San Francisco

8. San Francisco (SFO)

PDEW: 283.7
2013 Rank: 10
Deps: 1.4
Airlines: United

San Francisco’s popularity among area residents continues to climb, with more residents traveling nonstop to the Bay Area each year. United continues to offer additional seasonal service to help with demand on the route.

Los Angeles
Los Angeles

7. Los Angeles (LAX)

PDEW: 321.1
2013 Rank: 7
Deps: 2.2
Airlines: American, US Airways, Delta

Like its California neighbor, San Francisco, Los Angeles is extremely popular with area residents. The defense, software and film industries continue to provide strong ties between our two regions.

New York City
New York City

6. New York- John F. Kennedy (JFK)

PDEW: 336.1
2013 Rank: 8
Deps: 9.3
Airlines: American, US Airways, Delta, JetBlue

The main hub for JetBlue and also a hub for Delta and American, New York’s Kennedy airport is one of the main gateway’s to the Big Apple.


5. Chicago O’Hare (ORD)

PDEW: 367.3
2013 Rank: 4
Deps: 7.5
Airlines: American, United

For decades, Chicago has been one of RDU’s top nonstop destinations. The ties between financial industries, agriculture and other industries and our region is extremely strong.


4. Orlando International Airport (MCO)

PDEW: 377.8
2013 Rank: 5
Deps: 5.6
Airlines: Delta, Southwest

Beyond the obvious tourist attractions that make Orlando a popular place to fly are strong connections in the defense and logistic industries.


3. Atlanta (ATL)
PDEW: 520.7
2013 Rank: 3
Deps: 14.2
Airlines: Delta, Southwest

Our regions share nearly identical industry connections, which results in companies that have a presence in both cities. Also, there are many educational ties between our regions.

New York
New York City

2. New York- LaGuardia (LGA)
PDEW: 585.7
2013 Rank: 1
Deps: 15.1
Airlines: American, Delta

Our 2013 number one destination has shifted to second place. LaGuardia is the destination with the most nonstop options from RDU each day. It’s also the airport most New Yorkers prefer to use.


1. Boston (BOS)
PDEW: 621.3
2013 Rank: 2
Deps: 9.4
Airlines: Delta, JetBlue

Our top two destinations from 2013 switched places as Boston was the number one nonstop destination from RDU in 2014. The many tech and software companies in our region have ties to Massachusetts’ largest city.

What do you think about these rankings? Any surprises? Tell us in the comments below!