Mindy Hamlin- Elevating the Experience

Today is bittersweet as we wish a fond farewell to Mindy Hamlin, Director of Communications and Community Affairs, for the Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority.

_DSC0629You may know Mindy better as the RDU spokesperson who has been responsible for explaining to our customers, through the media, the ins and outs of airport activity for nearly 15 years.

Mindy has been at the center of our communication about security, parking, terminals, roadways, art, air service and more.

She also developed the digital communications tools of the Authority as we continuously work to improve our outreach to our customers.

And, most important, she has built lasting relationships in the community while communicating a passion for the airport and its impact on the community.

We write this blog in honor of Mindy and to let those who have come to call upon her know that she is taxiing off the airport operational area today to take off on a new career flight path in corporate communications.

So while she has soared at RDU, today she embarks on a new journey and an even brighter future filled with sky-high possibilities.