Love at First Flight

It’s not often a love connection is made thousands of feet above land. However, love took off on a Frontier flight from Orlando to RDU. Please join RDU in congratulating Mr. and Mrs. Ramirez on their recent nuptials.

Jamie and Nestor’s meet-cute is one for the books, and we at RDU are humbled to play a small role in their love story.

Let’s rewind to the beginning: Jan. 3, 2017. Unable to return home for the holidays, Jamie booked a flight home to Raleigh from Orlando where she was working at Disney World. Happy that he was able to visit his family in Orlando for the holidays, Nestor booked that same flight to RDU to return to school at UNC.

The security line in Orlando was very long that day. Jamie was mumbling to herself that she always picked the wrong lane when she heard a voice behind her say, “Well, I’m right here too!” Several comments and a few jokes later, Jamie and Nestor found themselves walking to the same gate to catch the same flight.

The two exchanged typical pleasantries over coffee as they awaited their flight. Once boarded, Nestor considered offering Jamie the empty seat next to him, but decided against navigating the narrow aisle to ask her. Today, they still laugh that he didn’t want to take a potential awkward risk, but had he, Jamie would have “totally” obliged.

Fast forward to arrival at RDU, the two reconvened as they walked to baggage claim. Jamie was only in North Carolina for three days. She told Nestor that her mother was anxiously awaiting her arrival at the end of the hall, so when they approached the “Welcome to NC” sign, Nestor knew he had to make a quick move. He asked Jamie for her phone number, and the two parted ways.

Jamie and Nestor met the next day and hung out for four hours. Their date was extended when Jamie invited Nestor to coffee with her best friend. Coffee led to Facebook friendship, which later evolved into long-distance Facebook messaging.

The messages never stopped. The two relive their virtual “courting” and the sweet development of a love found on first flight via their social media threads.

Jamie and Nestor were married in September and now reside in the Triangle area. They contacted to RDU to share their love story and ask for permission to take wedding photos in the terminals. We were excited accommodate this sweet couple’s request and share their pictures and love story with you.

Photo Credit: Kaytelyn Hice (K.Hice Photography)