Location: Terminal 2, International Arrivals Corridor
Artist: Ellen Driscoll of Brooklyn, N.Y.
Installation: October 2008

Ellen Driscoll’s glass installation extends 780 feet along the international arrivals corridor in Terminal 2, which overlooks concourse C. The piece provides visitors with a poetic set of coordinates to guide them as they disembark from their international flight and walk to U.S. Customs.

The design complements the “over-under” gesture of the terminal roof and mimics the movement of a bird’s wing, as well as the interaction between the warp and weft in weaving, which is also a Terminal 2 design theme. A horizontal band traverses the mid-section of each glass panel and is a repeat pattern of a simple “basketweave” structure.

Driscoll’s piece combines large gestures easily caught by those walking at a quick pace, as well as more detailed “micro gestures” that repeat travelers will discover. The larger gestures of the motion of a bird’s wing in flight, along with an insect wing in flight, and the helix of DNA are linked to each other, while being informally linked to the roof structure.