World Class Service Awards

Excellent customer experiences are what make us proud to be a part of RDU. It’s even part of our vision: To deliver a world-class airport experience.

These stories happen daily, as airport employees and volunteers work together to provide excellent care and service for our customers. In fact, it’s expected of everyone with an RDU badge.

Sometimes though, one of our team goes above and beyond the call of duty. That person goes to great lengths to deliver amazing, top-notch service that leaves an impression on travelers, their fellow employees, and even our local community. We call that World Class Service.

Selected recipients are presented with awards on the spot, where they work. And, twice a year, we recognize those great individuals at a special celebration and name our Top of the World Award winner for the previous period.

If you’ve received world-class service. We want to hear about it. When you take time to compliment, we take time to congratulate. That’s world class. And, that’s what we do.

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