RDU Weather Impacts

Jan. 29, 8:15 a.m. – Team RDU crews worked throughout the night to keep both commercial runways clear. No more precipitation is expected today. The airport is operating normally. Passengers should check with their airlines prior to arriving at the airport for the latest flight status information.

Jan. 28, 1 p.m. — With a growing stockpile of deicing supplies, airport crews working 12-hour shifts, contractors on standby and snowplows ready to roll, Team RDU is ready for a third round of wintry weather.

RDU is prepared to keep travelers safe if the Raleigh-Durham area gets blanketed with snow. The airport has replenished its supply of the anti-icing and deicing materials it uses to keep its roads, sidewalks, runways and taxiways clear during a weather event.

Airlines have started to modify their schedules for the weekend, so we recommend travelers check with their airline before heading to the airport. You can also stay up to date by visiting the flight status board on rdu.com and following us on Twitter.

  • Contact your airline for information on specific flights, or check our flight status page.
  • Airlines make the decision to delay or cancel flights, the airport does not.
  • Check with your airline on flight status before coming to the airport.

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