Healthy Choices at RDU

RDU_1574Healthy, organic options are available at various shops and restaurants at the Shops of RDU. Choose from a variety of gluten-free soups and salads at Jason’s Deli and gluten-free options at Camden food co along with a celiac friendly menu at ACC American Cafe.

Enjoy farm-fresh foods at Carolina Vintages and the organic options available at Flavours will help you feel your best while you travel.

On the new Farmstand Menu, enjoy a variety of vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free small plates and entrees. These items can be found in Terminal 1 at ACC American Cafe and at several locations throughout Terminal 2:

In addition, new grab-and-go culinary offerings such as probiotic beverages and healthy lifestyle bento boxes as part of our new Eat Well, Travel Further program. These options promise meals that are 500 calories or less and contain no artificial colors or high-fructose corn syrup. For these items, visit La Tapenade in Terminal 1 and Brookwood Farms in Terminal 2.

Finally, travelers will be able to enjoy Beyond Burgers in both RDU terminals soon. CharGrill (located in Terminal 1) will add the popular new plant-based burgers next month. Over in Terminal 2, BurgerFi will include the Beyond Burger when it launches this fall.

As always, you can find diet-friendly, vegetarian and vegan offerings at the airport, such as fresh sushi at Terminal 2’s Camden food co and Flavours.