A man sitting in terminal 2 at RDU, using a laptop.


Use RDU’s Wi-Fi while you wait for your flight and allow your vacation to begin before you take off! RDU, in partnership with Boingo, has three wireless plans to meet your needs. Our network SSID is RDU Free WiFi.

Tell us about your WiFi experience.

Connection Options

  • Complimentary (Free)
    • Enjoy basic complimentary WiFi access, courtesy of Boingo’s ad sponsors.
  • Boingo Hourly ($4.95/1 hour)
    • Enjoy one hour of premium WiFi access.
  • Boingo Unlimited ($4.95/1st mo)
    • Enjoy unlimited blazing fast WiFi at RDU plus access to 1 million hotspots worldwide.

Getting Online is Easy

  1. Set wireless network to RDU Free Wifi (Instructions for iOS | Instructions for Android)
  2. Launch web browser on your device
  3. Select an option (Complimentary, Hourly or Unlimited) or log in with an existing account

See our troubleshooting guide for more detailed instructions.

24/7 Customer Support

Need assistance with connecting? Contact Boingo’s 24/7 Customer support team at 1-800-880-4117.