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Looking to surf the web while at Raleigh-Durham International Airport? The Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority, in partnership with Boingo, has three wireless plans that are perfectly suited to meet your Internet access needs. Our network SSID is RDU Free WiFi.

  • Free (Complimentary Option)
    Checking e-mail, surfing the web, updating social media and light video usage are easily accomplished through our free, complimentary option. Simply log-on and watch a short advertisement. Then, receive 45-minutes of cost-free Internet access. When the time is up, log back on for another 45 minute session.
  • Day Use ($7.95)
    This paid option is for the occasional traveler who needs higher bandwidth to connect to corporate VPNs, email large files or stream video. There are no ads and you can surf as long as you would like.
  • Boingo Monthly Plan ($9.95)
    Are you a frequent traveler? For just two dollars more, receive the benefits of the day use plan for an entire month. And, your connection will be good at any Boingo hotspot, including more than 60 airports worldwide along with many shopping malls, hotels, stadiums and more.