Raleigh-Durham International Airport Begins Countdown to Opening of Terminal 2

RDU Airport, NC – Officials at Raleigh-Durham International Airport have begun the countdown to the opening of Terminal 2. Phase One of the airport’s $570 million terminal will open this fall.

“This fall RDU will change the experience for our region’s travelers,” said Teresa Damiano, the Airport Authority’s director of marketing and customer service. “Our customers tell us that what they love most about RDU is convenience. With Terminal 2, the Airport Authority takes convenience to the next level with the latest in airport design and innovation.”

The passenger experience at RDU will be further simplified when Terminal A is renamed Terminal 1. The renaming will coincide with the opening of Terminal 2. The numeric designation follows industry standards and addresses the elimination of a facility known as Terminal B when it was combined with Terminal A in the early 1990s.

Airport Design
Terminal 2 features a column free design that guides passengers easily from the curb to their gate. The architecture also reflects the Research Triangle Region, combining large wood trusses with the extensive use of steel and glass curtain wall to reflect the region’s history of craftsmanship and its reputation as a leader in technology and education.

Airport Innovation
The latest technological advances in airport operations are the backbone of Terminal 2. An automated, in-line baggage screening system incorporates explosive detection system machines (EDS) into the airport’s baggage conveyor system. The EDS machines screen luggage as it is transported from airline check-in to departing aircraft.

The system allows for the processing of up to 1,600 pieces of luggage per hour.

Terminal 2 also features a shared use technology infrastructure that serves the needs of the airlines, airport tenants and airport partners. The innovative technology allows multiple carriers to efficiently process passengers utilizing a shared network infrastructure provided by the airport.

The system provides the Airport Authority flexibility in use of gates and airline check-in counters and supports check-in kiosks that will allow passengers to check-in on any of the airlines operating from Terminal 2 from one location.

When Phase One opens this fall, Terminal 2 will feature 19 gates, seven security checkpoint lanes and 26 shops and restaurants in 550,000 square feet. In Phase Two, an additional 370,000 square feet will open and feature 13 gates, seven security checkpoint lanes and 17 shops and restaurants.

Learn More about Terminal 2
Today, the Airport Authority is launching a communications campaign to inform the region and travelers about the new project. Information on Terminal 2 and the name change can be found at www.rdu.com/terminal2.


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