Economy 3 Public Workshop

The need for expansion of ParkRDU Economy 3 was outlined in the Airport Authority’s Vision 2040 Master Plan and was subsequently included in the Airport Layout Plan (ALP) that was conditionally approved in November 2017. Workshop #1 provided the public with its first opportunity to learn more about the expansion of ParkRDU Economy 3 Environmental Assessment process.

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What is an Environmental Assessment (EA)?

An Environmental Assessment is a planning and decision-making tool outlined by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA); more information about NEPA can be found at

There are 8 sections of an EA. For additional information about each section, click here.

  1. Purpose & Need
  2. Alternatives
  3. Affected Environment
  4. Environmental Consequences
  5. Mitigation
  6. Coordination & Public Involvement
  7. List of Contributors & Authors
  8. Reference

Public Comment Form

Thank you for your interest in the Environmental Assessment process. The public comment period closed on October 12, 2018.