General Aviation Terminal at RDU

RDU General Aviation and Cargo

Raleigh-Durham International Airport’s General Aviation and Cargo facilities support the needs of private aviation and cargo transportation for the Research Triangle Region.

General Aviation at RDU
More than 40,000 take-offs and landings occur at RDU each year with many of those by general aviation aircraft. The airport provides for the needs of general aviation travelers and pilots with two fixed-based operators and a modern General Aviation Terminal.

Fixed-Base Operators

Signature Flight Support

  • 1775 E. International Drive Raleigh, NC 27523
  • (919) 840-2220
  • Airfield Location: 23L-J1
  • UNICOM 131.15
  • AIRINC 131.15


  • 1725 E. International Drive Raleigh, NC 27623
  • (919) 840-4400
  • UNICOM 131.0
  • AIRINC 131.0
  • ATIS 123.8

FAA Communication information for both FBOs:
Tower: 127.45
Ground: 121.9
Clearance 120.1
ATIS: 123.8
Map of RDU cargo areas

Cargo Facilities and Carriers at RDU
More than 136 tons of cargo passes through Raleigh-Durham International Airport each day, supporting the business and economic needs of the region. View the RDU cargo statistics.

  • North Cargo: Houses cargo airline carrier facilities
  • South Cargo: Houses freight shipped via commercial airlines
Cargo Carriers at RDU
FedEx: (800) 238-5355
UPS: (800) 742-5877