Find Clues, Get Closer to Your 2019 #TravelGoals

Happy New Year! While you’re working on your to do list for 2019, don’t forget your #TravelGoals. We want to know where you’re flying this year and possibly make those dreams a reality. Beginning Wednesday, Jan. 23 through Wednesday, Feb. 13, four cut-out characters will be traveling throughout the Shops of RDU. Each week, we willRead More

From Samples to Sounds, Start Your Journey with Joy This Holiday Season

We decked the halls of our terminals last week with our “Taste of RDU” event, offering travelers samples and discounts of our shops’ most popular gift items for the holidays. From Dec. 12-14, Terminals 1 and 2 were filled with festive tasting tables complete with samples of seasonal favorites from the Shops of RDU, makingRead More

Thanksgiving Travel Tips for a Record-Breaking Year

It’s been a record breaking year for RDU and Thanksgiving is no exception. With new nonstop flights and larger planes, nearly 250,000 people are expected through RDU Thanksgiving week, with peak passenger numbers projected for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday. If you or a loved one are traveling through RDU this season, check out the travel tipsRead More