A Message of Gratitude

It was a turbulent year at Raleigh-Durham International Airport as the demand for air travel plunged to unprecedented lows amid the global health crisis. The Airport Authority responded quickly by adopting a survival budget designed to keep the lights on during the pandemic, cutting spending by nearly half and deferring $96 million in construction projects.Read More

FAA Holds Virtual Public Meeting on Upcoming Changes to RDU Air Traffic Procedures

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is making changes to air traffic procedures for Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU) expected in February 2021. The FAA determined the changes are necessary to improve safety, efficiency and operator use. Performance-based navigation (PBN) is a national FAA initiative to modernize and streamline air traffic flow into and out of airports.Read More

‘Jack Unstoppable’ Shares His Appreciation for RDU

Airport invites local student for private tour after receiving his encouraging note Team RDU was touched to receive customer feedback from a young aviation enthusiast during the early stages of the global health pandemic, when passenger traffic reached record lows and the airport community faced uncertainty about what the future would hold. 10-year-old Jack wroteRead More

Minority-Owned Businesses Make a Difference at RDU

RDU proudly celebrates Black History Month and the Authority’s focus on diversity and inclusion at the airport. Our Minority, Women-Owned Small Business program continues to flourish and grow along with our region. “RDU is an economic driver for this region and we want as many businesses as possible to share in that economic opportunity,” saidRead More

Authority Hosts Sustainability Management Plan Public Workshop

The Authority is developing RDU’s first Sustainability Management Plan (SMP) to improve the tracking and communication of the airport’s sustainability initiatives, increase efficiency, and better incorporate economic savings and environmental stewardship into project planning. The SMP will provide a road map for the integration of environmental sustainability into airport planning, construction, maintenance, operations and designRead More