Terminal 2 Signature Art

Location: Heritage Room, Terminal 2 Ticketing Lobby
Artist: Dunne Dittman
Installation Date: October 2009

Reminiscent of fine gems in a storefront window, Dunne Dittman’s second artwork for RDU illustrates the appreciation the Airport Authority has for the millions of travelers who choose to fly to and from the airport each year.

More than 5,000 signatures from citizens of the Research Triangle Region and beyond were digitally etched into a six foot by four foot sea foam glass. They were captured in October 2008 during the Airport Authority’s open house to showcase Terminal 2. At that time, visitors were asked to leave their signature on a piece of art that would one day be displayed in the terminal.

The glass is illuminated by LED lights and is encased in a contemporary stand made of reclaimed ambrosia maple and walnut.