Dream of Flight

Location: General Aviation Terminal Atrium
Artist: Heath Satow
Installation: February 2004

Artist Heath Satow’s vision for this piece came from long ago, when men dreamed of flying. His piece graces the lobby of the airport’s 22,000 square foot General Aviation Terminal.

“This piece is intended to remind visitors of a time before we soared among the clouds,” he said. “A time when our ancestors dreamed of reaching the heavens, and, for us as children, the awe we had for flight before experiencing our first take-off.”

It consists of large stainless steel figures looking wistfully to the heavens. A mobile above the figures consists of 1,000 pieces of cut stained glass in cobalt and light blue symbolizing the images of flight found in the clouds.

Installation of the mobile took three days as each piece of glass was attached by hand to fine stainless steel thread and hung from a metal frame near the building’s ceiling.