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April 2013

Photo of planes on the runway at RDU

Keys To A Strong Airport Future

Airports are facing a new normal as high fuel costs, airline mergers and the world economy shape the aviation industry. Find out how RDU, which has an $8 billion annual impact on our region, is adapting to these changes to continue driving our community’s economy. Continue Reading.

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Speed Dating The Airlines: Our Trip to San Antonio

Recently, Teresa Damiano and I traveled to San Antonio to talk to airlines about improving air service to RDU and our region. The event was called Network 2013 and with nine meetings in two days, it’s very similar to speed dating. Learn how this event is helping us improve flight options for you. Continue Reading.

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Photo of books at 2nd Edition Book Sellers
Enjoy rare books?

2nd Edition Book Sellers (Terminal 2, Gate D10) specializes in gently used, rare and collectible titles.

Photo of Clearvision screen in Terminal 2

Clearvision Brings a New TV Experience to RDU

The other day, I grabbed lunch in Terminal 2 and found a quiet place to watch TV all to learn more about Clearvision, the airport’s new TV provider. See what I found out. Continue Reading.

Photo of the Terminal 2 concourse at RDU

Customer Service Eyes at RDU

Did you know that RDU is teeming with spies? At any given time, secret customer service agents may be shopping, eating or interacting with our staff — all to make sure you have the best possible experience at RDU. Learn how it works. Continue Reading.

Photo of the parking ticket machine at RDU

Crunching Numbers, Setting Priorities

While many may not think the budget is the most exciting thing at the airport, (our apologies to the finance team) it gives insight into the priorities we’re setting and the projects you’ll soon see at RDU. Get a sneak peek at what’s on the horizon for the airport. Continue Reading.

Photo of planes at RDU

How Storms Impact Airport Operations

The sound of thunder and the flash of lighting during the Spring in our region is as common as the sight of dogwood trees in bloom. While most storms give the airport nothing more than a good soaking, get up to speed on what impacts you could see due to storms at the airport. Continue Reading.

Photo of P.J. Cavanaugh

2012 Volunteer of the Year: P.J. Cavanaugh

Once you meet P.J. Cavanaugh, RDU’s 2012 Volunteer of the Year, you aren’t likely to forget her dynamic personality. I’ve worked with P.J. since last Spring and can easily see why she was named 2012 Volunteer of the Year. Continue Reading.

Photo of an American Airlines plane at RDU

The Fives: Launching RDU-LAX Daily Non-Stop Service

On April 2, we celebrated the launch of non-stop daily service from RDU to Los Angeles International Airport. Here are five views from the events, as well as a look at American’s new paint scheme. Continue Reading.

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Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority Board

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Chairman, Durham County

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Wake County

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Vice Chairman, City of Raleigh

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City of Durham

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Treasurer, City of Raleigh

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